As a business whose success depends on the support of the community, we believe that we hold an equal roll of support within our community. 

Every year we look for ways to give back.

August School Supply Drive:

$5,000 to local kids in the area who needed anything from school supplies to clothes. 57 Children in the area received supplies and/or clothing

Susan G. Komen 2015 Race For The Cure:

Team #12 in Colorado (over $6000)

Individual Donor #36 in State

(Village Pub/Samuel Webb) over $2,500

Santa Hat Giveaway

Every Year we sell Santa hats in December for $10. Purchasing a hat gets you a bogo on your 1st drink every day until Christmas. All proceeds used to buy Christmas presents for children referred to us through Volunteers of America. $1,100

Ike & Charlee Handicap Accessible Van (GoFundMe)

Family needed new wheelchair accessible van for their disabled child. All total approximately $5,000 raised through a mix of customer and Pub donations.

Carisa Johnson Fundraiser

Carisa is a talented 16 year old softball player. We raised money to cover expenses for her travel team fees. $1,000

ACE (Adams County Elite) Wrestling 


Fundraiser to a local charity dedicated to young wrestlers in the area. Funds raised covered uniforms, tournament fees etc. for young wrestlers in the area who wanted to participate but could not afford to otherwise. $1,895